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A Prostitute is a Mother And is a Woman-Poem by Betty Makoni

10 years ago | 16028 Views

Poem is written for all women and girls who find themselves in situations that are not of their own making.


At least that`s what I learnt from mai Charlie

Mother to a boy called Charlie but now Doctor Charles

Whose father came by night and disappeared by night

Whose other sons Ticha and Markos came same

Whose three sons called her Mother whilst the world called her prostitute

Who daily had to hide her whereabouts to her sons

And still like any Mother never hid the meal on the table for her sons

A prostitute is a Mother and Doctor Charles` Mother too


This is how I came to know mai Charlie more

When she came to my granny to pay her rentals

When later she dropped paperbacks with food for her sons

With her eyes red as she pulled out dirty notes from her bra

Her burnt cheeks from Ambi and her red lipsticks symbol of poverty

This is when I told her the little one cried all night

This is when she cuddled him and put her on her back

Just like any Mother, a prostitute is a Mother


Despite disgusting insults and derogatory names

Even in the face of beatings at night clubs and rapes by the night

Mai Charlie fought the dark for Charlie to be in school, to be Doctor Charles

Male prostitutes dropped their own sons from school

Female prostitutes kept their sons in school

Many times I heard mai Charlie wish her parents had not forced her to be married

Twice she was exchanged for a bag of maize during famine

Finally she eloped and gave herself to men of the dark

More dignified but worst devils whose money give them false dignity

More than Mother Prostitutes they deprive



Who amongst poor women would choose hopping from pub to pub?

Pub after pub left  mai Charlie worn out, used up, despised and isolated

Some things in life are not choices but forces

Who after so much hard work to bring up a Doctor would die the week he weds?

Would that be ironic that on pulpit they say Son of a prostitute is wedding?

When their sons sail through, prostitutes slip away not in shame

But with dignity like all Mothers with sons

Next you mock and  insult, despise and harass a so called Prostitute

Know and always remember like mai Charlie

Every so called prostitute has  her  own side of the story

And she  also respects your side of the story

A prostitute is an untold story

She is above all a Mother and a woman


(Please note use of mai Charlie –women in Zimbabwe are called by the first name of their son)

4 bettymakoni


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Anonymous user 10 years
This really is a great poem. Thank you for this. What is happening with your organization in London during the month of March. Would you be interest in having our GEO students. First, they will go to the CSW and then do a grassroots project. Let me know.
It is a real honor to know you and see the good work that you do and the ways in which you share
this with others...Your reach is amazing....Afton
Anonymous user 10 years
Well written, we tend to judge the ladies of the night without realizing that there is an untold story behind their lifestyle.........good work dear.
Anonymous user 10 years
how will Charlie pay back
Anonymous user 8 years
I cried over this poem as reality sinks in me for most women, in most cases Charlie does not even pay her mother or even appriciate her efforts,the wives benefit more than the mother and mai Charlie ends up dying of high blood pressure and stress.Thankyou you Betty for such a great poem and great work for the girl child
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