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Menstruation for girls is a health issue like any other-Teach your daughter basics

10 years ago | 6960 Views

Many parents do not find the topic on menstruation easy for discussion with their daughters  and yet commencement of menstruation is a clear indicator that a girl is a woman and can be pregnant and can bring a child into the world whilst at the same time in terms of age and social maturity she is still a child herself. Prevention is better and cheaper than cure  and so this information is designed to make you discuss with your daughter just the basics on this subject. The worst you want to be told is daddy am pregnant  and I need abortion. Lets make this subject an open secret and get our girls empowered .Just basics to know what it is gives platform to see menstruation as a health issue rather than a taboo.


It is the monthly discharge of blood from the unfertilised egg in the ovary through the uterus to the vagina.


It is also called monthly periods in that it happens after every 28 days in a month.


What happens?


·        The sexual cycle or menstrual cycle is regulated by hormones.

·        Hormones are secreted from the pituitary gland and ovary

·        During the first 14 days the gracifian follicle develops

·        If not fertilized after 14 days it degenerates

·        The endometrial (lining of the uterus) becomes thickened with blood vessels and glands

·        If fertilisation does not occur, the unfertilised egg degenerates and the endometrial breaks – blood comes out through the vagina- thus menstruation


Who goes for Menstrual Period?


·        Every woman goes for monthly periods

·        Every girls goes for monthly periods

·        The ages are different due to development and hormonal secretions in the body.

·        It is normal that every girl at least 10 years should go for monthly periods


Common symptoms


·        Hot flushes

·        Sweat

·        Mood swings

·        Vaginal wetness

·        Urinary frequency

·        Irritability

·        Insomnia

·        Back and lower abdominal pain

·        Anxiety

·        Weight gain

NB: It should be remembered that a lot of these symptoms could also occur for other reasons


Tips during Monthly Periods


·        Take regular baths

·        Change sanitary ware regularly

·        Drink a lot of water/fluids

·        Exercise

·        Be confident-its not illness

·        Wash under wears  regularly and thoroughly

·        Carefully dispose sanitary ware

·        Dirty sanitary ware may cause gynaecological diseases.









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Anonymous user 10 years
I couldn't agree more! There are a lot of incredibly options for young women these days--standard pads/tampons, organics, reusables/cloth and even silicone menstrual cups--which are very popular in Europe, but gaining popularity here in the United States. What's more, there are several unique companies (founded by wonderful moms) who have designed first period packs/kits so that parents can also help prepare their daughters, not simply with information, but samples and celebratory items as well.
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