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To a mother who has lost one and only son-Betty Makoni tribute Radio show to Yemurai Kanyangarara

11 years ago | 8957 Views

Yemurai Kanyangarara is a Zimbabwean young man who had dreams and aspirations. He was murdered as he disembarked from a bus in London on 1 July 2011. One police officer said people watched helplessly as this young life slipped away just like that.


Touched by what I heard on BBC Radio early morning news  of 2 July I searched all over Facebook to see how I could find contact details for Sharon Jambawo his mother.  Coincidentally I found out she is one of many  quiet friends of mine who admire the work I do from afar. She touched my heart.


 I later visited Sharon to pay tribute. As I looked at her I saw a woman bereaved and who had lost her one and only son. My eyes filled with tears that I held so hard and they flowed inside as I knew Sharon need women who give her positive energy.


 In a week Sharon Jambawo parts with her one and only one when he is finally laid to rest

I just thought how I could pay tribute since I heard the news and  thought a poem would console Sharon. Then as days come closer to Yemurai`s burial after months of investigations by police, am thinking of that day when Yemurai will be finally buried and then he parts with his one and only mother.  My radio show is a forerunner to this day and and is meant to celebrate the life of Yemurai.


Please join me on Muzvare Betty Makoni Radio show  as I  pay tribute to this young man whose life, work and hopes are so inspirational. 

Details of Radio show at 6pm 4 September 2011. Feel free to send your song requests


Poem title: To a mother whose son had hopes and aspirations


(Poem dedicated to Sharon Jambawo-Mother to Yemurai Kanyangarara and their whole family.)

This is a poem from a mother to a mother

This poem is to a mother and son who today part

This poem is to a mother whose call to duty is by a son

Whose dreams and aspirations are word to word by his hand on a paper

This poem is to a mother whose son`s tragedy raises hopes and aspirations

This poem is to a mother who through same tragedy aspires and inspires

This is a poem from a grieved mother to a bereaved mother

This is a poem from a transformed mother to a transforming mother

This is a poem from a mother to mother


To a mother who at 19 had an adorable baby boy

To a mother who had only one son and just once

To a mother who after 16 years son slips away

To a mother whose young husband once loved and cared

To a mother who from afar cries and condolences fly

To a son who aspired to fly her mother far and further

To a mother who once nursed a baby boy and cuddled him

To a mother who cuddles not a son but his hopes and aspirations

This poem know you is from a mother to a mother


To a mother whose Young Yemurai was stabbed and died

To a mother who got short news bulletins that say no more

To a mother whose son` s hopes and aspirations say ever more

To a mother whose son had many awards and achievements

To a mother who today cannot stop condolences and consolations

To a mother who came a long way and has to face a longer way


 This is a poem to a mother from a mother

This poem is to a mother whose son cannot answer when she calls

This is a poem to a mother whose calling is not to her one son

This is a poem to a mother whose calling to all other sons now

This is a poem I wanted to write to another mother

This is a poem to tell a mother when all you have is taken

This is a poem to say this is time when all is also given

This is a poem to tell a bereaved mother to be a brave mother

This is a poem from an inspired mother to an inspiring mother

This is a poem to a mother whose son had hopes and aspirations

 About the poet

(Betty Makoni is mother to three boys, 16 year old Tinopiwanashe (It is only God who gives) Spencer aged 14 and Mukudzeishe (Only praise God ) aged 10

Betty Makoni is CNN hero 2009 for Protecting the Powerless and has 26 global awards for excellence and innovation for her girls work

She wrote this poem after visiting Sharon Jambawo, mother to Yemurai Kanyangarara to pay tribute and help with therapy as well as finding ways to carry the legacy of her son whose achievements inspired Betty Makoni to write a poem.

Betty Makoni lost a brother she mothered at age 12 and her brother Moses was 11.Since then she has always tried to find out how something tragic can be turned into positive energy

An inspiring story of Yemurai Kanyangarara is being put together by an expert Jessica from USA through Betty Makoni so that some boys can learn a lot from the life of Yemurai.Betty says that although media is focussing on death of Yemurai,there is a lot of great things Yemurai did that can be positively used for other boys of his age including her three sons

`When something pains me I write a poem to see how best I can turn this negative feeling into positive feelings.`

2 bettymakoni


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iNdabaNdaba 11 years
Firstly I would like to pass my condolences to the family and friends of the late Yemurai. I would then like to commend Muzvare Betty Makoni for turning a tragic and heart breaking situation into something positive in memory of Yemurai Kanyangarara
Anonymous user 10 years
work hard my brother,not appealing though you are passing some condolence
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