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My Face is Eating me Alive

9 years ago | 22028 Views
When I received a call to help from Tare Mapungwiza's brother via an inbox message written you are the last hope we have in the world to save the life of our sister, I did not understand what those words meant. I was still new in UK and yet there was a future Doctor with 8 As at Ordinary Level whose life needed to be saved. I told myself I would respond and pledge to support. Dreams come true and £25 000 was raised to fund her two operations.

Film crews followed to take story but of course if this had been followed by news people more UK public sympathy could have been extended to many  girls from Zimbabwe who had same conditions.

Tare's case resulted in a flood gate of requests from many girls in similar situations. Friends and supporters of GCNW, Tare will share her official story and our charity thanks everyone who donated to her fund during treatment and post treatment as you all helped her to live today and share her story. Tune in to Channel 5 at 9pm, on 17 June and hear Tare and her mum share their story.

Hope you will be inspired. Wishing every girl in Zimbabwe good health and I have many cases like this in my inbox and our work as a charity is to speak out and call for help. When we called people to help you did and now it is time to get reports and updates from those kind to document the whole story. Our work remains committed to lives of girls and our doors remain wide open. Thanks to friends and supporters who support and who know this work must be done.

3 bettymakoni
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Anonymous user 9 years
Just watched the program at channel 5 and I have to say I've never seen something so upsetting, well done to all you from this charity and all the ones who helped with donations. You all are responsible for saving Tara's life. Karla
Anonymous user 9 years
Oh my goodness me, what a brave young lady! I agree entirely with Karlas comments below. Tara and her family and friends are in our thoughts. The Hall Family x
Anonymous user 8 years
Thank you channel 5 for making us aware; Tara and her family and supporters are a joy to see. Their determination and faith in God is wonderful, we in the UK are humbled by the love, care, support and strength you all give to one another. How is Tara now? Has she had the reconstruction surgery? I am sure we all wish you well Tara also thank you for sharing your condition and experiences with us. Your charity needs more help and support please help in any way you can. Kind regards from Mr John G Davies South Wales UK X
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