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Betty Makoni urges Government of Zimbabwe to allocate budget to baby food and sanitary pads

10 years ago | 4679 Views

Betty Makoni calls upon the National Government  of Unity in  Zimbabwe to subsidise baby food  and give free sanitary pads to disadvantaged girls

I want to urge the Government of National Unity in Zimbabwe to urgently put on agenda two issues in budget to be presented by Minister Tendai  Biti on Thursday 24 November 2011

As per appeal made via my social networking site there is a desperate outcry from mothers who earn less than 200 dollars per month  for government to reduce costs on baby food and ensure they work hand in hand with producers of such products to make them affordable. I advise UNICEF in Zimbabwe  and other donor agencies to make this issue  an urgent matter  and wherever possible  create platforms at grassroots level where affected groups could be heard and assisted in such urgent matters pertaining to children , their health and nutrition. Babies depend on recommended foods during their infancy.

Statement below sums up the urgent request from grassroots women

Tryphine Musokota Hi, Betty can someone campaign for baby food to be reduced how can formula cost us $8.00 and Cerelac cost us $5.00 this is too much consider we are getting $200.00 can we have a voice to all breast feeding mums here in Zim tarwadziwa

Sanitary pads

The situation has not improved as many girls are so desperate to an extent  they are now imitating sticks as tampoons with many using used newspapers , leaves and hair to manage menstruation.  We want to hear the Minister of Finance allocating as little as  50 000 dollars for girls who have started making renewable sanitary pads in rural areas so that such sustainable projects can be replicated.

Budget Presentation Postponed to Thursday 24th November

The Minister of Finance has announced the second postponement of the presentation of his Budget Statement for 2012, from this afternoon until Thursday afternoon, commencing at 2.45 pm.  The reason given was that following a meeting of the GPA principals yesterday rescheduling of the principals’ commitments made a further postponement of the Budget necessary.

This petition is submitted by


Muzvare  Betty Makoni

Chief Executive Officer

Girl Child Network Worldwide

CNN Hero for Protecting the Powerles-2009

Honorary Decade Child Rights Hero-2010

Girl Child Rights Activist

Founder of Girl Child Network Zimbabwe

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