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Betty Makoni opens global hotline for women and girls to break silence on rights violations

10 years ago | 5332 Views
Large scale wars are known to be fought with guns and bullets and these wars are officially declared. But how about the wars being fought in our homes which result in loss of human lives . A Zimbabwean woman Mary Mashapaidzi was murdered by her husband  in USA  a few weeks ago in a gruesome murder that has shaken all of us . She is not the only one . As I travel round the globe I get many cases of women who have post trauma disorders from past abuses which they never reported .Many were raped and the most delicate parts of their bodies were subjected to inhuman treatment . It is not easy for rape to be understood like murder or physical abuse as the genital organs are private and they are not for all to see and so the individual is often blamed and shamed. 

Thousands of girls in Africa and Asia are held hostage as sex slaves and again this is a serious war on girls bodies waged by men and boys who are very powerful. They can take you anytime for a wife and for sexual pleasure and no one dares to challenge them. Tribalists take knives and cut girls clitoris and no one helps stop this menace.There are no peace keeping troops that prioritize this at all. And so sex slavery is modern day slavery.

CNN Hero for Protecting the powerless Betty Makoni  and twenty six  global award winner on gender equality and designer of empowerment programs for girls who is a victim of rape since age 6 speaks  out and encourages women and girls never to suppress vaginal ,emotional and physical wounds . Every human being including boys and men must be protected from harmful cultural practices.

Gross violations of girls and women`s rights is a universal issue needing movements of women and girls , men and boys to unite and speak out against 

There is a global hotline opened for women and girls from any country to come speak out and find advice on next step. Sometimes women and girls have the advice already but lack courage to stand up and do something .Sometimes they stand up and speak out but they do not get help. The global hotline will invite service providers round the globe who are reported not to help and ask them to respond why they cannot be peacekeepers on women and girls bodies 

Join Betty Makoni in her radio program every Sunday 6 PM UK Time on(Zimonline Radio) and open up up, speak out and tell us who is stopping you from reporting the abuse and we will call them to respond. If you are a neighbor and you know of abuse going on do call Betty Makoni and come to her radio show and speak out 

We must unite and make systems in our countries act to stop violence against women.

Please note this program is brought as a community service  and out of passion and anyone who wants to support it can call Betty Makoni on

Follow Betty Makoni on Twitter Betty_ Makoni

Betty Makoni transforms victims into survivors and into leaders walking in the fullness of their potential 

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do you assist adult women raped by their employers
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