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Girl Child Networks thrive on good principles and values -Know them better

10 years ago | 5081 Views

There is no way we could have assisted over 70 000 girls from situations of abuse and supporting over 300 000 girls without having principles and values we stick to. We emerged from a high density suburb as ten girls and one teacher who volunteered all her life up until now when the whole world can see us . We stick to same principles since founding of the organisation in 1998  and we know we will influence the whole world to have same principles.  We know we walk the talk.

Betty Makoni Founder and Chief Executive officer of Girl Child Network Worldwide urges every one who works and supports us to stick to same  principles and values. She says as long as we stick to our principles and values we will gain more respect from those who care about what we do. No matter what someone says about these principles, as long as the principles are us and we are them n oone can rub off who we are.

Below are principles and values of all our networks and no matter what,  we stick to them and that is why our programs remain effective on the ground .Principle is what makes the world render more and more support to Girl Child Network Worldwide and all our networks .

Principles and Values


GCNW accomplishes its mission through adhering to core principles and values:


  • Integrity— we deliver our programs with truth and openness and know we must remain accountable at all times. Everything we say and do shows that we are open and clean in our words and deeds.


  • Innovation— new and unique approaches are needed in order to effectively prevent and combat the exploitation of girl children and to aid in the rehabilitation process.


  • Passion— we do everything from the heart. Our work inspires and is inspired by our personal stories and the stories of the girls we represent.


  • Commitment— we started as volunteers and we will commit our time and resources above what others contribute.


  • Excellency— We must be the best in whatever we do. No part of our work is insignificantly done.


  • Action— we continually strive for concrete results through concrete action.


  • Empowerment— everyone we work with or target must be able to stand up for themselves, our role being to facilitate this process.


  • Empathy— the ability to have compassion for the circumstances of other human beings lies at the core of GCNW ideology, the belief being that if empathy were adequately cultivated within individuals and societies, compassion and mutual well being would prevail. We work to deeply instill this ability in GCNW affiliates.


  • Teamwork— we believe the solution requires all of us playing a role and that each role is essential.


  • Learning and Sharing— As we generate and share knowledge it will make us stronger and better. We are an organization that promotes a learning culture.


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Anonymous user 6 years
Girl Child Network is one program that I will always be grateful to. It helped when I was still in high school and had just been sexually violated by one of my relatives. Keep up the good work and I hope to join you now in the struggle against girl child abuse to keep this good work going!!!!!!!!!!
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