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Plea of a dying mother –Just a promise from friends -Poem by Betty Makoni

10 years ago | 8621 Views

Plea of a dying mother –Just a promise from friends  


All you friends who remain

I wanted you all to be there as I took my last breath

I wanted you to just promise me with all truth and sincerity

Only one promise that you will be there for my children

Just a promise my friends and is enough to make me rest in peace


Promise me you won’t leave that man to remarry and leave my children with a stranger

For what can she do if she is made the dumping site

Promise me you will not leave my children to be dumped forever

Promise me that you will stand up and speak out

Just promise you will speak even more when you know am wronged


Promise me my children won’t be orphaned or oppressed

Promise me it won’t end with my body viewing but my children`s viewing

Promise me as long as you are mothers, my children have mothers

Just promise you will answer when they call you mother

Plea of  a dying mother , just a promise from my friends


Promise they will not be like one Betty Makoni

Whose siblings she cried for when stranger beat them so hard in the house

Promise no relatives will call them names

Like with Betty Makoni they called them witches

Even when there was no witchcraft

Thieves even when nothing was stolen

Just accusations, suspicions and superstitions

Promise me a dead mother`s child will never be a witch

Nor a slave, nor a vendor,nor a thief , nor a street kid nor Ngozi-the avenging spirit

Plea of a dying mother, just promise me


Promise me you will smile when my children smile at you

Promise me you will watch from a distance and act within a distance

Just a plea of a dying mother, plea for promises

Promises to make me rest in peace

The plea of a dying mother


I lost my mother at age 9. Even to date am still bereaved.

3 bettymakoni


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iNdabaNdaba 10 years
Wow! this is good!
Anonymous user 8 years
what a touching poem!
Anonymous user 7 years
Its a touchy poem. I wish all of you mothers out there would read it and take better care of all our orphaned children. Emily
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