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Rape is a serious crime in Zimbabwe:Break the silence

11 years ago | 19793 Views



Section 65(1) (c) and (b) of the criminal Law (codification and reform) Act chapter 9:23 defines rape as…

“If a male person knowingly has sexual intercourse or anal sexual intercourse with a female person and at the time of the intercourse

1.       the female person has not consented to it  and

2.       he knows that she has not consented to it or realises that there is a real risk or possibility that she may not have consented to it

3.       the female is under the age of 16


he shall be guilty of rape.


This means that consent to sex must be a clear yes. The belief by male persons that, a girl always says no to sex when she means, yes, no longer holds water. Where a girl says no to sex, it means No and there is no hidden meaning to it.



       Girls do not be afraid to speak out


Who can be raped?


       Any female person can be raped, irrespective of her age.


There is a misconception in the society that a teenager is not raped but she would have consented to sexual intercourse. She will allege rape in order to protect herself when she falls pregnant or has been caught by her parent/ guardian. This belief should stop, as the definition of rape is very clear that any female person can be raped. Young girls and teenagers should not be intimidated by this belief.


Remember- it’s not your fault to be raped. Do not blame yourself.


It is your legal right to report any sexual abuse and do not be intimidated by the economic, social and political status of the perpetrator. No one is above the law.


What should I do when I have been raped?


Make a report to the person who you can trust/ rush to the nearest police station and report the matter to the police.


       If during the act, your clothes were torn, take the clothes with you to the police, do not wash them


Why is it important to file a report as soon as possible?


       So that evidence is immediately gathered so as to prevent the accused person from escaping from the long arm of the law.



       So as to retain the evidence.



       Immediately after making a report, the complainant, should be taken for medical examination and the advantage is that Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) can be administered to the victim to reduce the risk of transmission of the HIV virus to the victim. This can only be done where the victim has reported the case within 72 hours of the incident.


 Late report


However, you can lay charges at anytime in life. There is no time limit or restriction in this regard. It is your legal right to file a report at any time, no victim should be turned away and investigations should proceed


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Betty Makoni is a gender activist, founder and director of Girl Child Network Zimbabwe (GCN) and Chief Executive Officer of Girl Child Network. She holds two Bachelor of Arts Honours Degrees from the University of  Zimbabwe and is trustee of the Global Network of Christians, based in the UK. She has received eighteen global, national and global awards and the most recent is the CNN 2009 Hero award for protection of the powerle

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Malema 11 years
Informative indeed
Anonymous user 8 years
wat of male rape
Anonymous user 8 years
Hi What can one do when the culprit has influence even in the carrying out of investigations? There currently is such a case that a victim is struggling with. We need help as soon as possible because the evidence that was there may have been compromised or ignored,
Anonymous user 8 years
is there any available defences to the charge of rape and what are the aggravating circumstances to the charge of rape
Anonymous user 7 years
So does it mean that a boy child or a man cannot be raped, it only talks about women, women, women why? Am just wondering....
Anonymous user 7 years
Why is it in most cases they just pass the sentence in favour of the girl
Anonymous user 6 years
Sounds like the law is biased , we all know Man can be victims of Rape . How does the courts address this
Anonymous user 6 years
rape is not only done to a girl child only. your defination is too gender biased
Anonymous user 6 years
Wat if a woman makes false claims years later? vasikana vanoti later after seeing no benefits she will try pull you down
Anonymous user 5 years
While rape is indeed a serious crime, in this time of poverty in Africa the law must protect men too from women who lie for a number of reasons including unrelated grudges
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