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Every girl must have an empowerment handbag

11 years ago | 2176 Views
An empowerment handbag is something a girl starts working on when they are below 7 years. It is a vision to be educated, be in college, get a job or start a business and be somewhere. My first empowerment bag  came out of money from my business as a child vendor at 6 years. By then I went out to sell tomatoes and onions and every cent I kept it in a small bag made of materials.It was a poor bag  for a poor girl by then. Then I went to buy my satchel to put my books and my focus was by then education. Then later I was at University and bought a better bag .Later I worked as a teacher and that is when I bought my first handbag after graduating from college. I put my empowerment tools that gave me economic independence from men ,my bank card ,my house keys and just everything written Betty Makoni.I could go and talk to a money machine at a bank to give me money . I   never wanted any man including my husband to give me money . My handbag contains everything that frees me. Everything in it I worked for it . I worked day and night for the empowerment handbag.

I am working flat out for every girl to have an empowerment handbag. Its freedom from begging and sex slavery.

ccording to Betty Makoni,`I have been travelling in Africa all past two years and I saw girls on the streets vending at risky places-not in schools.I saw girls pregnant in bedrooms and not classrooms. I saw girls who will never exist because am told they are married and enslaved in the homes. I had an opportunity to speak to girls and each time I told them this cant be the case and we must be empowered they said yes with a big applause. I lifted my handbag and showed them my car keys, my bank cards and everything of mine.The applause became even bigger. I told all my colleagues 
we must be stationed in culturally no go areas in remote parts of Africa.`
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