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Girl Child Network Worldwide distances itself from Vio Mak Facebook postings

11 years ago | 2221 Views
A woman and a man who are friends with self proclaimed Human Rights Defender Vio Mak have contacted Girl Child Network Worldwide (GCNW) with regards to  information she posted on her Facebook  page regarding some staff working for Girl Child Network Zimbabwe and many other issues which we have verified with our affiliates and found to be false and gross violations of rights of everyone working for our charity. Most of the information being posted on this Facebook page is false and does not reflect what we do in GCNW. We wish once more to set record and say that Vio Mak has no right to speak on behalf of our charity and its Chief Executive Officer, Betty Makoni. Most of what she is committing is classified as hate crime and cyber bullying which authorities in UK are now fully aware of and are doing everything possible to help.


This note serves to inform members of the public once again that Girl Child Network Worldwide is a UK registered charity whose activities are regulated and directly monitored with the Charity Commission in UK. We stick to policies and procedures set by our trustees and we are not allowed by law to speak on behalf of our affiliate chapters in Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Uganda and South Africa on anything to do with their staffing   and partnerships. Our Memorandum of Understanding clearly states all our affiliates are autonomous. So everything Vio Mak Charity music organisation is circulating via the internet does not in any way represent our charity or any of its affiliates. Girl Child Network Worldwide will never publish staff information on social networks as it is illegal to do so.



We are fully aware that all defamatory articles on Facebook postings by Vio Mak and her team may have targeted many people in Zimbabwean community and so ours though not an isolated case we have decided to raise awareness  and  work to stop  this so that social networks like Facebook  that promote  the work of charities such as ours making a real difference on the ground, may continue to do so. Many organisations and individuals genuine in supporting and giving constructive criticism for our work always find time to call and speak to us and we have an open door policy that accommodates everyone.


This is our second warning to Vio Mak Charity music and all her networks to desist from posting name of our charity, its affiliates and staff details as everyone is protected by data protection law. Any information our charity has to share with public will be made known through our professional networks and not via organisations and individuals most of us working for the charity do not even know.


Our friends and supporters and those who have joined us as volunteers are urged to remain focused on important work to help girls as the need is huge. Daily we receive many cases of child sexual abuses from especially Zimbabwe and we depend very much on your friendship and support to give hope to the girls in such unfortunate situations.


We are a team of highly respectable and credible women who for many decades have consistently supported girls and women to transform from victims to leaders. This is the focus of our charity and your support in passing on this message will help many out there who may have been hoodwinked with unfounded and gross rumours being circulated to know some unfortunate incidents that come on our way of work.


We welcome more volunteers for our outreach and public awareness work so that we keep accurate and evidence based information shared with our many networks. Feel welcome to join us and help spread our success story so that we continue to impact the lives of underprivileged girls in Africa.


Inserted by Management  Team for Girl Child Network Worldwide.


(By circulating this message you would have saved a life of a girl. Please pass on to all your networks)

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