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Vio Mak and her syndicate have targeted Betty Makoni for a decade-Read the facts

11 years ago | 3336 Views

I took some time to find out where all these scandal related articles posted about me and my charity  on website were coming from and friends and family who were worried I have the story and all of it is crystal clear. I am just happy to be here and alive, else with this stalking in and outside Zimbabwe I must have been killed, disappeared or just something terrible could have happened to me and my family. Very dangerous. Oxfam Novib is first donor in the world to fall to this and they even paid a fortune out of their money to pay KPMG to verify the allegations only to go back to Holland ashamed they could not see the trap much earlier. But I thank them for a forensic audit because it helped clear my name but what an expense, those funds could have been used to starving women and girls and not support a syndicate of evaluators and this syndicate.


The network of women and men that Vio Mak uses in her cyber bullying tactics to target Human Rights defenders like us is well knit. But mind some of it is recently made via Facebook and so no cause for worry. She infiltrates every system in UK to distract whoever she thinks is coming up the ladder. Her full time job is to generate defamatory articles using some people you would think are of good standing. I have with immediate effect put some security on my Facebook so that they do not hoodwink many unsuspecting friends who do not know the syndicate and tactics they use . But this syndicate is huge on my Facebook and I must clean it up. I hear daily they post something about me and I have asked someone to put it together since some lawyers are helping me with legal procedures.


Vio Mak, Ropafadzo Mapimhidze, Barbara Mhangami, and Bernadette Jemwa is same linked CIO network. Barbara Mhangami uncle Paradza is a well known Zimbabwe regime CIO and they are very close. Bernadette Jemwa I have already confirmed with someone who knows her undercover work in the media circles. Petra Zvapasi terrorizes human rights defenders by threatening she will have them deported as she works for UK border agency. Graham Mann the white Zimbabwean man has stalked many unsuspecting Zimbabwean women who work with me or are on my Facebook and used his race card via Vio Mak to attack me. He lies that he works for British intelligence and we have since verified with police in UK that  these are all tactics to intimidate and harass unsuspecting members of the Zimbabwean community. This is a scandalous syndicate of Zimbabweans terrorizing ordinary Zimbabweans like me and many others on Facebook with aim to stop us being visible. So there is a whole trick again of using a white man, a married woman in USA and someone employed by UK border agency to appear a credible group and yet the reality is that they infiltrate UK system to terrorize human rights defenders and seek to be credible so as to get legitimacy to carry out the terror.


The anonymous person here you see cited as HChiegege on most of Vio Mak papers is nonexistent and she is in fact the pseudo name Vio Mak uses to publish defamatory articles about me on Zimonline Press. The other name she uses which is false is Harriet but this is same pseudo name. My many days of interaction with Vio Mak shows me that HChiegege is Vio Mak and that’s the name she uses to spread all these rumours and try and create scandal in my work.


Vio Mak you better  matures and  realise that all of us have internet access and all of us can tell our stories with dignity. You can imagine she started a bogus newspaper called Zimononline newspaper some years back  and then uses her false name to generate all these articles in a bid to stop my work. This is very scandalous. She did not stop my work at all and as long as I keep going the more false articles she generates.


I am working with British police and some lawyers to see if we can get to the bottom of this issue and get her arrested. The malicious lies she has spread via her bogus newspapers have no evidence and they are just meant to tarnish my good work and name for simple reasons that she works as an undercover to target my person. Before she started all these articles she even composed a song dedicated to my work and then made a video and posted some good articles and phoned my home many times. What she is posting on internet and interactions she had with me is very different .She quotes names of unknown sources, some staff members’ names in my charity are used as sources without anyone of them being aware.


I have never been questioned by police all my life. I have never been fired from work or been in a situation where I must answer any allegations by my bosses. I work within policy and procedure within our charity and I have never been directly in charge of funds let alone received any funds that would be accessed by me only. Our policies and procedures in GCNW are very tight .Most of these false allegations are targeted to a donor audience who use internet. Now they have to be divided as to whether I am the Betty Makoni they know or the fraudster Vio Mak (HChiegege) says I am.


I worked very well in Zimbabwe and achieved a lot and many times I used a few resources I had  for desperate girls who had no one to turn to. I worked with a team of donors and many people who supported me. Not a single day did I work alone and why is everyone who worked with me and accounted for funds not writing this?  Why is it despite all these false allegations KPMG did a forensic audit and dismissed it and then Vio Mak is the only Auditor on facebook and internet who publishes our accounts without even being in Zimbabwe herself? Why would someone start online newspapers and writes about one woman daily? Why would this woman open a Facebook page and am the only one she posts status updates about? Because she has been assigned for a full time years to stalk me and harass me by whatever means necessary.


Vio Mak (HChiegege) is a very irresponsible woman. I took some time to investigate her and what I have about this woman is terribly shocking. She is the one who works closely with Zimbabwe secret service to track and tarnish names of human rights defenders. She runs 8 online newspapers and all of them have the so called black listed Zimbabweans where her job is to pretend to be human rights defender and generate falsehoods against them so that all their achievements are put in doubt. This is what she is posted to do in UK. At face value no one would know or think this but when you examine all her targets these are people genuinely persecuted in Zimbabwe. If you Google my name and where it comes out as Betty Makoni scandal she is the one who did that whole scandal section on  Google. The main articles featured there are her own articles she generates as HChiegege and then she aggregates to Government newspaper-The Herald. I ask everyone to do a study on my name under Betty Makoni scandal and one can do this by just googling.To imagine one woman worked on all those articles and sometimes first generating them from the Herald and then reposting on her 8 bogus newspapers online to appear as if they started from elsewhere is for the world to know what it means to be a human rights defender in Zimbabwe. It is not only those who get picked up by police or get killed. Even us we are seriously targeted and defamed and persecuted daily. Imagine I have to be on Facebook where this woman posts this every day . Facebook is simple social network for friends and nowhere has it said it is set up to post defamatory articles about Betty Makoni. Internet is supposed to support our work and not stop it  


So now Vio Mak you are not clever, I have got you and you know I took some quality time investigating you during the time you befriended me. I even came to your house and you even told me I should never get people to know .You confirmed to me the network of papers and radio stations you run. According to me Betty Makoni those have nothing to do with Zimbabwean victims of political violence but a lot to do with your undercover work and to dupe British authorities to give you asylum and fraud British public funds under guise of human rights defender


Which victims did you protect in Zimbabwe? I was there on the ground for many years and I don’t even know you.


I call upon the British government to revoke your asylum status and give it to many women and girls deserving British public funds. As a credible leader of girls and women in  Zimbabwe and  worldwide, I strongly recommend to British government to reconsider full investigations of this woman and consider deportation and also crack down on her syndicate which I now know so that we live in UK with peace and prosperity. We all love the work we do but this Vio Mak syndicate is causing havoc in our community. Are people granted asylum in UK to persecute us?


Where on earth have you seen someone in UK setting up a whole online paper to write about someone she just met on Facebook and then takes our  charity information and changes it to fit her regime`s propaganda. She even shocked me when she told me she followed me via Financial Gazette since 2004 and by then she was in Canada. I got shocked by what she said to me which clearly links me to the fact that this is the very syndicate that lied to international community about my work and tried to tarnish me and destroy and distract me from doing my work.


If ever there is time to help human rights defenders persecuted by Vio Mak and her syndicate and all these bogus papers the time is now. Journalists from around the globe feel free to contact me so that I share a true story based on evidence and show you these underground networks stalking us via internet.  I can even show you clearly how they infiltrated the UK system and made false asylum claims and now feasting on British public funds whilst persecuting us who came here in a very straightforward way to work and help the world protect girls. Everything we do we work very hard and what they do is to get British public funds, run fraudulent charities like Vio Mak  Charity music and evade tax.

Making defamatory articles that will never substantiate is a strategy they use to target us and it must be exposed. I have done all my investigations on this woman and her syndicate and I can publicly testify so that we give no chance to such scandalous activities at expense of charities like ours helping girls raped by the youth militia.


People be warned I investigated this woman Vio Mak and she is very dangerous .If you want to learn more email

0 bettymakoni


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