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I saw a mother preparing for her son to rest in peace-Poem by Betty Makoni

11 years ago | 4405 Views
I saw it with my eyes that held tears tight
I saw her eyes held tears tight
It is the Eighth September that with her son she parts
At St Mary's cemetery, not St Mary's school or College
Someone murdered her son brutally
Murder that showed the young committing adult crimes
Whose identities we will never know but whose victim we will ever know
A young life just slipped away when everyone watched helplessly in London
Little boys committing murder in broad day light
When most little boys do not know what to murder is
That's how as bad as it goes with murder after murder

'The coroner will release his body for burial', she told me
Over eight weeks investigations and what a long wait for a mother so bereaved
'My son will finally come home and I will stay with him from early morning', she added
'He won't talk to me but I know I have done everything he would have wanted me to do',
She showed me his big portrait to be on his casket
She took picture after picture for me to see which ones for the memorial card
'This one I love so much,' she repeated
I looked at it and saw her boy then aged eight and with broad smile and alive
My tears held tight back but I cannot hold them back anymore
I don't want her to see am breaking down now
I cannot face a bold mother preparing to let go her son

This is how she always planned for her son
Taking a paper and pen, jotting what he wants
This time not uniform, school shoes or money for school diner
This time she told me it's a casket, his favourite song and order of the day at church
This time not to soccer matches where she cheered her son
This time to a memorial service where she weeps and mourns
This day becomes more scary, she told me
I told her it will be memorable, a bright boy who comes to live briefly
Then like a star he disappears in the dark and makes a permanent light
Thou shall not murder, fifth and central commandment

As I scribble this poem my eyes finally drop those tears
I saw a mother preparing her son for burial
She told me she will have a dove and will let it fly away after all is done
I will be there to recite a poem, 'To a mother whose son had hopes and aspirations'
I will be there to see how a mother lets go, I am a learner
She is my great teacher
I saw Sharon Jambawo preparing for her son Yemurai Kanyangara to rest in peace

Poem written by Betty Makoni for Sharon Jambawo

I visited Sharon Jambawo, mum to Yemurai Kanyangarara who was murdered in London on 1 July 2011 and she had to wait eight weeks whilst police carried out investigations. I had some quality time with her on 3 September 2011. I listened as she prepared her son for burial and memorial service on 8 September .I held my tears back very tight. I learnt a lot but with a lot of pain. I am a mother to 3 boys and right now I feel pain to see Yemurai go.

I will be there for the burial and this is the text message I received

Dear friends and family

You are respectfully invited to Yemurai Kanyangarara's funeral on 8 September 2011 at St Mary's church, Wickam Street,DA16V3DQ, Welling, Kent. Time 12-14 hours prompt. Refreshments will be provided after the service. Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated as we embrace God's grace and healing
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Malema 11 years
Mzvare Betty Makoni for President. These are the people we want in our New Zimbabwe. GodBless and keep the good work Makoni
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